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Zoonoses 2020 - International Symposium on Zoonoses Research

Zoonoses 2020 - INternational Symposium on Zoonoses Research (Banner)


Thank you all - the event is already completely booked out!



October, 15th - 16th 2020




Due to the ongoing corona pandemic and the resulting restrictions, it is unfortunately impossible for us to hold our "Zoonoses 2020 - Symposium on Zoonoses Research" this year in the usual attendance format. In coordination with the Internal Advisory Board of the German Research Platform for Zoonoses, the office is now organizing the event as the very first online symposium of the German Research Platform for Zoonoses. It will take place on October, 15th from 3:30 pm till 7:45 pm and on October 16th 2020 from 11 am till 2:15 pm and will be under the head theme "Zoonoses as a global challenge". We are pleased to announce that the following speakers have already agreed to give a keynote speech:

Stephen Higgs (Kansas State University, USA)


Marm Kilpatrick (University of California, USA)


Kirsten Bos (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Germany)


Christian Drosten (Charité University Medicine Berlin, Germany)


Please register online here: https://evis.events/event/119/


Continuing Education 

The national veterinary chamber (Bundestierärztekammer) has certified the event with 6 hours (ATF).


Due to the change in the form of the event, we have to adjust the structure of the symposium:


1. We focus on the (virtual) poster exhibition including presentation. The abstract submission for this is already open and you can submit your abstract online here:


The abstract submission is extended till  August, 10th 2020 (23:59 CET)

Please note:


Only young scientists may submit a poster abstract on the following topics:


- Antimicrobial Use and Resistance

- bioinformatics, data assessment 

- Ecology of Zoonotic Infections

- Free Topics 

- Vaccines, Innate and Adaptive Immune Response

- New and Re-Emerging Zoonotic Diseases

- Novel Methods, Diagnostics and NGS 

- Parasites

- pathogen-cell interaction

- Pathogenesis and Modelling of Zoonotic Diseases

- public health

- Risk Assessment, Epidemiology and Modelling

- Covid-19/ SARS-CoV-2



By submitting an abstract, the young scientists declare their willingness to participate in this year's virtual poster slam. This will take place on 15.10.2020 from 5 pm - 6 pm and on 16.10.20 from 11:45 am - 12:45 am. For this slam, a 1-minute presentation in the form of a pre-recorded video must be submitted (submission deadline for the video will be communicated separately). 


Our equally esteemed Senior Scientits may only submit posters resulting of projects of the recent BMBF Covid-19 Call. These will be presented together with the posters of the young scientists in our virtual poster exhibition. This is accessible on both meeting days. A designated poster viewing will take place in the marked places in the program. You will receive detailed information about the poster exhibition in the next few weeks.


The poster abstracts will be published in our digital abstract volume - unless you object to this at the time of submission.


2. The keynotes will take place at the designated times in the program. You will receive the log-in data for the conference at a later date after your registration. As usual, there will be time to address your questions to the speakers after the talks. We will keep you updated on the precise schedule for the discussion rounds.


3. The General Assembly of the German research Platform for Zoonoses has to be cancelled this year. The term of office of the current Internal Advisory Board will be extended until such time as a regular election of the board can be held again. The advisory boards agreed to a corresponding change in the statutes at the meeting of the Internal Advisory Board on June 02, 2020.


4. Recognition of continuing education for human and veterinary physicians* is applied for at the respective chambers.


5. No participation fee is charged.


6. Instead of the Young Scientist Breakfast there will be an alternative offer for registered Junior Scientist to learn more about researchers within the community.




Even under the current restrictions we will offer you an exciting and interesting event. We are looking forward to welcoming you virtually at our "Zoonoses 2020 - International Symposium on Zoonoses Research (Online-Edition)" in October.


Please keep an eye on your email, our website and facebook account for further announcements.

If you have any questions you can contact the office of the German Research Platform for Zoonoses via email