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Summer School 2012


From 8 - 10 October, the National Research Platform for Zoonoses organised a PhD workshop/summer school in Berlin for young scientists researching in the field of zoonoses in the run-up to the National Symposium on Zoonoses Research. The workshop consisted of two parallel sessions: "Scientific Writing" and "Presenting Science". Of the more than 40 applicants, 28 participants from all over Germany from various universities, university hospitals, federal research institutions and state offices were selected.


In the session "Scientific Writing" the participants learned how to create, structure and structure a concept for a paper and which formulations should be considered. In addition, the participants dealt with optimisation strategies for literature research. The young scientists can now use the knowledge they have gained in the formulation of their doctoral thesis and publications. Since the trainer is a scientific writer, all exercises were adapted to the daily work of the participants. In addition, he had a lot of collected knowledge to pass on.


The second session "Presenting Science" is now a permanent feature of the PhD workshop/the Summer School and was once again very well received. In this session, the participants were taught "soft skills", especially in the practical exercises, to pay attention to body language and speech style and volume in a scientific presentation and how a presentation should be structured. On the last day of the workshop, all doctoral students presented a scientific lecture prepared by them in advance, which was recorded on video and then evaluated by all participants. This taught them to give constructive feedback and to accept it themselves.


In order to support networking among the young scientists, there was once again a joint supporting programme for all workshop participants this year. The workshop ended with a tour of the capital city. There, all could review the last three days together and look forward to seeing each other again at the National Symposium on Zoonoses Research 2012 the next day.      

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