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Results-based overview of projects under the umbrella of the Zoonoses Platform

Biobanks / pathogen banks / databases


  • Antibody library for the identification of glycolipid receptors

  • Complete mutant bank for cowpox viruses

  • Thogotovirus antigen bank as a diagnostic tool

  • Human, mosquito and sheep lectin library for binding studies with viral glycoproteins

In vitro and in vivo models

  • Bank vole model for the study of zoonoses in wild rodents
  • Human liver cell model for the investigation of liver diseases
  • Mosquito cell model for isolating arboviruses

  • Respiratory and renal epithelial cell model from rodents and insectivores to study zoonoses without animal experiments

  • Skin model (probably from 2017) for research into skin mycoses and parasitoses

  • Squirrel animal model [ - expected from 2017 - ] Characterized squirrel cell lines