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Registration for membership in the National Research Platform for Zoonoses

Who can become a member? 

  • All scientists and scholars in Germany
  • researching zoonoses with public funding, or
  • whose research projects on zoonoses have been subject to an independent scientific prior assessment, or
  • who have published in the past three years in peer-reviewed journals on questions from the field of zoonosis research.

 What does the zoonoses platform offer its members?

  • Invitation to all events of the zoonoses platform
  • Possibility of using project results from the zoonoses platform
  • Access to the database internet portal of the zoonoses platform
  • Access to information on German and European funding opportunities
  • Support in setting up networks and consortia
  • Implementation of projects under the umbrella of the zoonoses platform
  • the right to vote and to stand as a candidate and the right of proposal for the Internal Advisory Board

There are no legal or financial obligations associated with membership. Members are listed in an electronic membership directory, are informed about current events by the National Research Platform for Zoonoses and are automatically invited to the next National Symposium for Zoonoses Research.

How can interested parties who do not meet the membership requirements receive regular information from the Zoonoses Platform?

Anyone interested in receiving information on events organised by the Zoonoses Platform or the Zoonoses Platform newsletter can register as a guest on the Zoonoses Platform.
The membership form can also be completed and an application made to be included in the mailing list.

Statutes of the National Research Platform for Zoonoses

Do you have any questions? Or would you like to correct or complete an existing registration?
Please contact Sebastian Sprengel at the office of the zoonoses platform:
0251-83 530 13 or

If you have problems registering, please leave the field in which you indicate the year of your doctorate blank. This may lead to registration problems.

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