2nd Workshop on Tick-Borne diseases

Submitted Themes   

  • Mohammed Bakheit: “Hyalomma ticks and their role as carriers of disease agents.”      
  • Mackiewicz, M.:“Host-pathogen interactions – the rising impact of posttranslational modifications.”  
  • Susan Tschitschmann, S.: “The role of histone deacetylases as potential trigger for attenuation and stage differentiation of Theileria.”
  • Bogdan Oltean: “Basophil activation due to hard-tick bites in humans” 
  • Tonk, M.: “Functional analysis of defence peptides complex from Ixodes ricinus “
  • Alejandro Cabezas Cruz: "Cellular and Molecular Characteristics of Ehrlichia minerensis, a new tick-derived organism isolated from Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus
  •  Alejandro Cabezas Cruz: "Anaplasma marginale mayor surface protein 1A (MSP1A): Strain classification with functional and immunological relevance."     
  • Morozov, A.: “Transport of Ixodes Ticks (Acari:Ixodidae) by migratory Passerine Birds to Moldova during Spring Migration”
  • Walder, G.: “Studies on human seroprevalence rates of Coxiella burnetii indicate the sea level of the residency as the major risk factor in the Tyrols”
  • Szymanska, M.: “The occurence of Coxiella burnetii in animals, humans and ticks in the south-eastern Poland”
  • Hagedorn, P.: “Inclusion by a research project in tick-borne diseases”      
  • Dobler, G.: "Phylogenetic analysis of the TBE-Viruses in Central Europe"
  • Nagel-Kohl, U.: “Results of the West Nile Monitoring / Cross reactions between TBE and West-Nile”
  • P. Sebastian: “Stuttgart/Botnang: A stable TBE-V focus since 25 years” 
  • Reichert (Baxter): “FSME-Vaccines: More than 30 Years of experience”



You can download the program scheme here!


„Wie man sich das in der Zoonosenforschung vorstellt“

Prof. Dr. Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit über die Kooperation zwischen Human- und Tiermedizin und die Entdeckung eines neuen Borna-Virus

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GfV Workshop "Immunobiology of Viral Infections"

25.09.2019 - 27.09.2019
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5th International Meeting on Apicomplexan Parasites in Farm Animals (apicoWplexa 2019)

02.10.2019 - 04.10.2019
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Zukunftsthema Global Health: Epidemien erfordern globale Lösungen

10. Nationales Symposium für Zoonosenforschung bringt 350 Wissenschaftler in Berlin zusammen

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Einblick in die Datenbank der Zoonosenplattform

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